At Akinox, we use Shippable for our automated builds. Mainly because it integrates quite well with BitBucket.

Since our new application uses .NET Core, we obviously had to do a bit of manual set-up since it’s not in Shippable’s supported languages.

Starting from this issue’s shippable.yml config, I was able to get our project to build and to get the test results out into Shippable.

Here is what is looks like

language: none

    image_name: microsoft/dotnet
    image_tag: 1.0.0-preview2-sdk
    pull: true
    options: "-e HOME=/root"

    - apt-get --assume-yes install xsltproc
    - dotnet restore
    - dotnet build **/project.json
    - cd test/UnitTestProject
    - dotnet test -xml ../../output.xml
    - cd ../..
    - xsltproc -o shippable/testresults/result.xml scripts/xunit-to-junit.xslt output.xml

Since my tests use xUnit, I have to transform the output to junit format for Shippable to understand them. I found this great post with the proper xslt which can be downloaded here. I only had to change the version to 1.0 for xsltproc to work!